EVO 13 ICE, Red Ice Swirl

EVO 13 ICE, Red Ice Swirl

EVO 13 ICE Series is here! This beautiful, red swivel has a glassy swirl look from the translucent drops we used. We also added glow powder. The glow is not dominant but it does give off a hazy glow in the dark. 


The new EVO 13 ICE Series is better than ever! With each new series, we try to have a faster and quieter product. Also, a design that is different from the rest. With The EVO 13 ICE Series, we have accomplished all of that AND more! 


⚡️New design that will accommodate hole patterns for Everlast, Title, Chain Link, Forza, or LMF. (Everlast will fit Maxx MMA drums, Balazs drums, and Everlast drums.) You choose below.


⚡️New T-hooks made from paracord! It shortens the action of the swivel by decreasing the distance from the drum to the ball. Old carabiners were stainless steel and 2" long. These are 1" long and quiet. They make attaching a bag to your swivel quick and super easy! You choose your color below.




    Plastic resin housing with plastic core ball & paracord t-hook. Also included are 4 screws for mounting swivel. 

    Installation Instructions: Hand tighten screws into place. 

    Care Instructions: add a drop or two of oil to ball when needed & then BANG ON!


    No refunds. Each swivel is personalized with an engraving that you choose. Because of this, we cannot resell the item if you were to return it.


    If the item breaks or malfunctions, please email us with photos & a detailed description of how it happened. 


    We ship all over the world.

    Domestic shipping is done with *USPS or UPS.

    International shipping is done through DHL or UPS.

    *ALERT: USPS First Class shipping for $4 has no insurance & no way of finding lost packages.  Because of this, we have updated our USPS option to the USPS Priority $8, with insurance & deleted the $4 option. This covers the cost of the swivel in the case it gets lost in the mail. That way everyone wins. We get reimbersed & you get a new swivel.  


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